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All dishes are served with basmati rice.

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    • Alu Chana Saag

    • 9,50

    spinach with potatoes, chickpeas, ginger and tangy curry sauce
    • Vegetable Jalfrezi

    • 9,70

    various kinds of vegetables with onions, garlic, ginger, coriander and tomato sauce
    • Bengan Banglori H

    • 10,10

    fried aubergine with rich tomato-curry sauce, coconut milk and curry leaves
    • Alu Gobi

    • 9,80

    cauliflower and potatoes with tomato-curry sauce
    • Katthal Curry H

    • 11,30

    juicy jackfruit with coconut-curry sauce, coconut graters and coriander

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